Step Feeders

Complete solution for the provision of a rotary indexing welding machine

Complete solution, providing 4 sheet metal parts
supplied parts

  • Four sheet parts (see left)
  • Parts should be transferred in the correct position at two positions of a rotary indexing welding machine  
  • Performance: 12 parts/minute, without setup times


  • The four hoppers of the BBH type stock the parts and transport them into the respective step feeders
  • There the correctly positioned sorting of the parts as well as the subsequent transport are carried out with the aid of the linear rails provided for this purpose
  • At the end of the linear path, the parts are separated laterally, whereby different parts are then available in each separator
  • From there they are transferred to the rotary indexing welding machine via a double handling unit
  • Depending on the program selection, two of the four parts are removed
  • The setup is limited to the program selection