Hopper system type BBV

Structure of the hopper systems, type BBV
The structure of the hopper systems of type BBV is characterized by the following components:



Hopper control

Conveyor belt

Characteristics of hopper systems, type BBV

  • Prolonged autonomous feeding system running time
  • Large hopper volumes prolong the manual refilling cycles and increase the efficiency of the entire system.
  • The feeding unit's susceptibility to failure is reduced decisively by the constant charges.
  • Filling volume: 45-350 liters, max. filling weight: 75 kg
  • Storage and dispensing of lightweight, bulky parts
  • Conveyor belt with the part-dependent driver cleats
  • Base frame with positioning feet or rollers
  • Quick-emptying flap for fast type change
  • Grimm retaining function for gentle part handling


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