Hopper system type VNB

Structure of the hopper systems, type VNB
The structure of the hopper systems of type VNB is characterized by the following components


Linear conveyor

Rubber feet

Hopper chute

Characteristics of hopper systems, type VNB

  • Prolonged autonomous feeding system running time
  • The feeding unit's susceptibility to failure is reduced decisively by the constant charges.
  • Due to the oscillating conveyor drive, the type VNB is referred to as a vibration hopper.
  • Easy-to-clean, smooth hopper chute made of V2A steel prevent parts from getting jammed.

Components and accessories

We offer the following accessory components, which are compatible with our hopper systems of type VNB:

  • Control unit FAR-1: 230 V/ 50 Hz, for linear and bowl feeders, phase-controllable
  • Control unit FAR-S-1: 230 V/ 50 Hz, for linear and bowl feeders, phase-controllable, with input for a signal for accumulation shut-down
  • Pendulum switch PS1 for automated filling level control of bulk material in the sorting device, compact design, optical status display via LED, inductive switch without wear
  • Fastening stand for control units
  • Stand, height-adjustable, with screw-on plate for the optimal placement of the hopper system
  • Sensor link SV1 for switching on and off the hopper, quick and cost-effective linking of the hopper and feeding device without complicated external wiring.
  • Filling level query in the bulk hopper with a light barrier divided into two parts
  • Plastic coatings


You can get detailed information about our accessory components in the download area.

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