12 x supply

12 x supply as complete solution, autonomous with PLC and protective housing.

Grimm solution, 12x supply

  • One part (see left)
  • 12x aligned workpiece supply
  • Capacity: 12 parts in 2.5 seconds
Case study
  • 6 refilling hoppers, 6 bowl feeders, 6 linear rails and a 12x supply
  • In the bowl feeders, the parts are sorted and aligned and are transferred then to the accumulation section (linear rail).
  • At the end of the linear rail, the parts are put into groups of 6 and then transferred to the drop chutes.
  • 6 parts are swiveled back into the horizontal position at the end of the drop chute and are placed on the cycle belt.
  • The 6x separator traverses and another 6 parts are placed on the cycle belt.
  • The cycle belt then traverses with a series of 12 parts.
  • At the end of the cycle belt, 12 parts are ready for removal every 2.5 seconds.