2 x 8 supply

2 x 8 workpieces supplied as a complete solution, autonomous with PLC.
Grimm solution, supply of 2 x 8 workpieces
  • Two parts (see left)
  • Supply and alignment of 2 x 8 workpieces
  • Capacity: 2 x 8 parts every 16 seconds
Case study
  • Part 1 is pre-aligned via 1 refilling hopper, 1 bowl feeder and 1 linear conveyor and is taken to the positioning unit
  • Part 2 is only pre-aligned and fed to the positioning unit by means of 1 bowl feeder and 1 linear conveyor, without a hopper system.
  • Both parts are aligned and fixed into place with an electric linear axis.
  • A 4x gripper removes the aligned parts and places them in the take-ups of the supply unit.
  • The supply plate is rotated by 180 degrees and 4 additional parts are inserted, respectively.
  • 2 x 8 parts are now lying ready to be removed simultaneously by a multi-gripper.