Storage tables

Functional principle of Grimm surface conveyors

  • Several transport plates or tubs, some of which are decoupled from each other, transport and straighten out the parts
  • Grimm linear conveyors are used as drive
  • Ideally coated with a brush covering which allows for a gentle transport of parts and at the same time a reinforcement of the conveying effect
  • Design, size and scope are individually adapted to customer-specific requirements
  • Parts stocking possible due to a bunk system

Characteristics of Grimm surface conveyors

  • Due to the flexible application possibilities, Grimm surface conveyors can be ideally integrated into robotic systems
  • Together with position detection by means of camera systems, several part types can be fed with almost no setup effort.
  • Very flexible adaptability to customer requirements due to various designs
  • Suitable for sensitive or surface-finished components due to the gentle transport of parts and the low fall heights
  • High capacities can be achieved
  • Consistent parts dosing and extension of the autonomous running time by combination with hopper system

Detailed information on components and accessories can be found on the data sheet (see right above) as well as in the download area.