Hopper Systems

Hopper systems type VNB
This so-called vibration hopper stores parts and feeds them to the sorting device via an oscillating conveyor drive. A smooth hopper chute made of V2A steel prevents parts from getting stuck.

Hopper systems type BBH 3.5-30
Characteristic for this horizontal belt hopper is the compact design with a filling volume of 3.5 to 30 liters. A special side guide prevents small parts from jamming.

The combination of low filling height and high height of transfer point is typical for the BBV type, referred to as an elevator. It is especially well suited for lighter parts.
The wide conveyor area and the specially shaped bulk hopper of the belt hopper reduce the probability that parts will jam. Ideally, it is used for lightweight parts.

Hopper systems type BSF-1
This classical elevator with a metal-linked belt was specially designed for feeding heavy steel parts. Despite the high height of transfer points, very low filling heights can be realized.

The horizontal belt hopper of type BBH has side walls made of steel sheet metal. With charges up to 500 kg and the transport of sharp-edged parts, among other things, it performs heavy-duty work.

Hopper combination type BSF-1 and type BBH
When large part volumes have to be stockpiled, the combination of the types BBH and BSF-1 is ideal. The
autonomous running time can be prolonged decisively by this.