Hopper system type BSF-1

Structure of the hopper systems, type BSF-1
The structure of the hopper systems of type BSF-1 is characterized by the following components:


Hopper control

Conveyor belt

Characteristics of hopper systems, type BSF-1

  • Prolonged autonomous feeding system running time
  • The feeding unit's susceptibility to failure is reduced decisively by the constant charges.
  • Filling volume: 40 liters or 100 liters, max. filling weight: 150 kg or 300 kg
  • Especially for the storage and feed of heavy steel parts
  • Thanks to a steel hinge belt chain, it is possible to load sorting devices with large filling heights.
  • Low top edge of hopper allows low, ergonomic filling.
  • Built as a robust steel support construction with rollers
  • Grimm retaining function for gentle part handling
  • Fold-away cover made of steel sheet metal over elevator chain


Components and accessories

We offer the following accessory components, which are compatible with our hopper systems of type BSF-1:

  • Hopper control BS5, connection: 230 V/ 50/60 Hz, designed for the connection of a 3-phase motor
  • Pendulum switch PS1 for automated filling level control of bulk material in the sorting device, compact design, optical status display via LED, inductive switch without wear
  • Filling level query in the bulk hopper with a light barrier divided into two parts


You can get detailed information about our accessory components in the download area.

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