Conveyor belt type FBA46

Structure of the conveyor belts, type FBA46
The structure of the conveyor belts of type FBA46 is characterised by the following components:
Drive roll

Deflector roll

Conveyor belt


Characteristics of Grimm conveyor belts, type FBA46

  • Belt widths of 30 mm to 400 mm and belt lengths of 300 mm to 3000 mm can be realized.
  • Versatile application possibilities: For transportation and hopper systems and for buffer sections
  • Robust design
  • Continuous speed setting of the motor, belt speed can be adapted to the work-specific conditions.
  • Six motor positions possible
  • Custom-made lengths and widths: Adapted to customer requirements


Components and accessories

We offer the following accessory components for our conveyor belts of type FBA46:

  • Belt types: nylon-transilon, anti-slip, cleated belts, food-safe belts, chemical belts
  • Control unit DN21, Connection: 230 V/ 50 Hz or. 60 Hz, for the continuous speed adjustment of 24 V DC motors and adjustment in the belt speed
  • Floor stand of type BS for the optimal placement of the conveyor belt.
  • Drip tray for collecting and draining oil


You can get detailed information about our accessory components in the download area.