Forked light barrier GL
  • Fork width between 10 mm and 120 mm
  • Light/dark switching, switchable
  • Light controller can be adapted to materials of different transparency
  • Simple adjustment by means of red LED
Pendulum switch PS1
  • For automatic filling level control of bulk material in the sorting device
  • Compact design
  • Optical status display via LED
  • Inductive switch without wear
Noise protection bowl feeder SM
  • Specially developed for bowl feeders
  • Available in six different sizes
  • 20 mm to 50 mm of sound-proofing material ensures optimal noise absorption
  • Good accessibility thanks to the fold-out cover.
  • Height-adjustable, with screw-on plate
  • For optimum positioning of linear conveyors and conveyor belts
  • Fine height adjustment possible with setting screws

Floor stand SBF and SBV

  • for optimum positioning of feeding devices
  • Space-saving substructure
  • Height adjustability
  • The feeding device must be coated for optimum feed properties, depending on the part condition
  • Types of coatings: Habasit, PU glued or sprayed, traction fabric