Centrifugal feeder

High speed delivery of complex component

Grimm solution, centrifugal feeder for small plastic parts
  • One type of plastic part (see picture)
  • Orientation required for further assembly
  • Selected from bulk quantity
  • Feed rate: approx.128 parts/minute
  • Independent system with PLC and guarding


  • Feeding system with centrifugal feeder type ZF50 and hopper system type BBV
  • Parts loaded into the hopper system at random, in bulk quantity for transfer from the hopper system into the centrifugal feeder, controlled by an automatic level switch.
  • Parts are initially transported in single file end to end inline at random
  • Aligned parts transfer onto a conveyor passing a line scan camera for orientation selection
  • Parts with the incorrect orientation return into the hopper system to be recirculated
  • High speed capability of the ZF50 - provides an output of 128 parts/minute (with correct orientation)
  • Parts with the correct orientation continue via a 2 metre length of horizontal linear powered track, which includes a 90 degree arc. The track incorporates three pneumatic retaining chambers to separate the parts in to groups of ten, preventing jamming due to excessive back pressure
  • Efficient delivery of parts is maintained by means of an automatic fault-clearing function